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Boys: Foley 34, Lamphere 93 | Girls: Foley 31, Lamphere 86
Boys: Foley 20, Clawson 108 | Girls: Foley 47, Clawson 75

Location: Madison Heights Lamphere (Rubber track)
Weather: 50f, little wind, partly cloudy

Boys Meet

High Jump- Tim Black (L), Nick Barber (C), 5'6"
Shane Johnson places second in his first high jump.

Long Jump- Barber (C), 17'4"

Discus Toss- Dan Bliss (L), 107'2"
Eric Tan in first meet ever.

Shot Put- Brandon Brewart (C), 39'7"
Eric Tan in first meet ever.

3200m Relay-Lamphere (N.Fujioka, LaBeau, Monette, J.Fujioka), 8:42
Foley catches Lamphere and Clawson in the last 100m! (Although we had been lapped)

110m 39" Hurdles- Barber (C), 16.8
Shane Johson second overall to Barber.

100m Dash- Trevor Baize (C), 11.5
Eric Busbee places.

800m Relay- Clawson (Schwartz, T.Barber, N.Barber, T.Baize), 1:40.8
No Foley Team.

1600m Run- Steve Mance (F), 4:54.8
Tactical race. Mance (75,75,75,69) Jankowski (75,75,75,72) J.Fujioka (75,75,75,74).

400m Relay- Clawson (Schwartz, Dedloff, Zablocki, T.Baize), 47.6
No Foley Team.

400m Dash- Brandon Hauswirth (C), 57.8
Eric Busbee strong through 300m in second ever 400m.

300m 36" Hurdles- Hudnall (C), 47.8
Shane Johnson second overall.

800m Run- Keith Jankowski (C), 2:15

200m Dash- Greg Schwartz (C), 23.6
No Foley Runners.

3200m Run- Mance (F), 10:29.9
Another tactical race. Mance (5:29, 5:00) N.Fujioka (5:29, 5:04)

1600m Relay- Clawson (Semann, Hauswirth, Jankowski, Schwartz), 3:51
Foley almost catches Lamphere. Almost.

Girls Meet

High Jump- Chantelle Renaud (C), 4'4"
No Foley jumpers.

Long Jump- Kristina Tate (L), 14'4"

Discus Toss- Bridget Maynard (F), 88'4"
Bridget starts season well with a win.

Shot Put- Bridget Maynard (F), 27'6"
And another win.

3200m Relay- Lamphere (Moshenrose, Burnett, Dotson, Wenceslao), 11:12
Foley beats Clawson.

100m 33" Hurdles- Danusia Sobieraj (C), 18.1
Lauren Mazzone second overall.

100m Dash- Marcy Makino (C), 14.3
Laura Bunting places in first ever meet.

800m Relay- Lamphere (Zolman, Gillespie, Stevens, Tate), 1:59.8

1600m Run- Kelli Jankowski (C), 6:23.5
Katie Baker wins over Lamphere with (I think) a second overall.

400m Relay-Lamphere (Popescu, Moshenrose, Pop, Zolman), 1:07.1
Foley loses by .5 seconds, but beats Clawson.

400m Dash- Melissa Moulton, 1:09.4
Laura Bunting: Strong yet tired first ever 400m.

300m 30" Hurdles- Kristina Tate (L), 53.4
Lauren Mazzone places second to each team, third overall.

800m Run- Bridget Maynard (F), 2:47.8
Bridget wins with a strong kick over Lamphere's Karen Burnett.

200m Dash- Kenski (L), 29.3

3200m Run- Burnett (L), 13:16
Katie Baker wins over Clawson.

1600m Relay- Clawson (Sobieraj, S.Moulton, Jankowski, M.Moulton), 4:51.3