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Catholic League C-D Finals

Location: Livonia Ladywood (Rubber track)
Weather: 50f, rainy
Results may be found at

Girls Meet

The girls placed 7th out of 14 teams in the C-D league. The C-D league is comprised of all schools in the Detroit Catholic High School League that are in either MHSAA Div. III or Div. IV. It is made up of the A-West conference, the C/D conference, and every team from the AA conference except Notre Dame Prep. Bishop Foley had 41 points, Riverveiw Gabriel Richard won with 135. My scoring seems to give Foley 43 points, but who knows. Bridget Maynard also may have been the meet's highest scorer, however I still have to do some checking. Foley scorers are as follows:

Bridget Maynard 24 pts.
2nd DT, 97'4" (8)
3rd SP, 28'5"(6)
3rd 800m, 2:46.2 (4)
5th 400m, 1:08.5 (4)
Katie Baker 13 pts.
2nd 3200m, 13:52.8 (8)
4th 1600m, 6:12.4 (5)
Lauren Mazzone 3 pts.
6th 100mHH, 19.0 (3)
3200m Relay 3 pts.
6th, 14:02.1

Boys Meet

The boys placed 6th out of 17 teams in the C-D league. Bishop Foley had 42 points, Detroit Benedictine won with 125. Steve Mance's 30 pts. made him the highest individual scorer at the meet. Bishop Gallagher's Braylon Edwards had 28 for 2nd. Foley scorers are as follows:

Steve Mance 30 pts.
1st 800m, 2:03.7 (10)
1st 1600m, 4:45.3 (10)
1st 3200m, 10:47.7 (10)
Shane Johnson 7 pts.
4th 110mHH, 17.5 (5)
7th 300mIH, 45.1 (2)
1600m Relay (Lusis, Duane, Johnson, Mance) 3 pts.
6th, 3:50.5
3200m Relay (Znoy, Lusis, Jackson, Duane) 2 pts.
7th, 9:39.2