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@ Clawson

Guys:Clawson 25, Bishop Foley NTS(35) Girls:Clawson 15 Bishop Foley 30
Weather: 87 and sunny. Course: Flat, but many turns

We had our first meet of the season at Clawson and it wasn't pretty, but it helps to get the kinks out. On the girls side things didn't look good from the beginning. Emily Murphy and Angela Krolikowski could not compete due to a technicality with the date of physicals. Angela will be able to compete against Cabrini on the 7th; Emily is still questionable. Despite all the bad start, and very hot weather, every runner was able to finish. This was the first race for the majority of the team. Many runners weren't very satisfied with their times but things should be falling back into line fairly soon.

On the boys side things did no go very well either. Most notably was Terry Monette who got very bad stomach cramps and finished about 3 minutes slower than he is capable of. He is planning on breaking 18 minutes for the first time on a XC course against Allen Park Cabrini and arch rival Mike Mueller. Steve Mance, Foley's top finisher this meet ran finished an 18:33, after falling off the lead with 1 mile to go. The reasons were probably due to poor tactics and a poor diet before the meet. Both Steve and Terry beat Bryan Morehouse in the 3200m run at the regional meet in May. Steve ran 10:48, Terry a 10:53, and Bryan an 11:00 flat. Parker Turczyn is quickly cutting time and falling back into the shape he was in last season. Expect him to break 20 minutes within a meet or two. Jeff Maki ran his first 5000m, a race 50 times as long as his normal race, and ran the whole way through.

Overall it was not the most succesful meet but serves as a time trial to help set goals for the rest of the season. Although we may not have a full guys team again next meet we will have a contending Girls team against Cabrini, and the Guys team will probably have some pretty high finishes.

Girls Meet

Place RunnerTeamTime
1 Kelli Jankowski C 24:02
2 Michelle Moulton C 25:23
3 Rebecca Higbee C 25:28
4 Danusia Sobiarja C 25:30
5 Mellissa Moulton C 25:36
6 Rosealee Vento C 27:58
7 Katie Topalian BF 28:30
8 Laura Sorbo BF 29:10
9 Megan Aman BF 35:57
10 ? BF ?

Boys Meet

Place RunnerTeamTime
1 Bryan Morehouse C 18:06
2 Steve Mance BF 18:33
3 Joe Semann C 19:32
4 Parker Turczyn BF 20:38
5 Terry Monette BF 20:53
6 Keith Jankowski C 21:02
7 Matt Seipke C 22:22
8 Greg Schwartz C 23:55
9 Jeff Maki BF 28:29
10 No One - -