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Bishop Foley vs. Mt. Carmel

Guys:Mt. Carmel 30, Bishop Foley NTS(29) Girls:Bishop Foley 15, Mt.Carmel NTS
Weather: 83 and humid. Course: very slow due to sharp turns

We only raced Mt.Carmel here at our home course, but Bishop Borgess, Benedictine, and Shrine were running there as well. It wasn't a very fast race due to the sticky conditions and slow course but still it proved succesful for Foley. The girls team ran well, with Katie Topalian and Laura Sorbo finishing 1-2 in the 4 team meet. Megan Aman finished 5th and Beth Deradoorian was 9th. They managed to beat Mt. Carmel who, like many girls teams in our league, did not have a full team. The guys again, having the only incomplete guys team in our league, finished with an NTS despite the fact that if the were given the last place for the meet they would have won, but that's how most of our meets are. Leading the way for the boys were Steve Mance and Terry Monette who also went 1-2 for the 5 team race. Parker Turczyn was in 4th.

Girls Meet

Place RunnerTeamTime
1 Katie Topalian BF 28:22
2 Laura Sorbo BF 28:53
3 Jessica Boulton B 29:32
4 Adrianne Turnbow B 30:28
5 Megan Aman BF 31:14
6 Shannon Smits S 32:49
7 Karen Hampton S 33:04
8 Lynn James B 35:49
9 Beth Deradoorian BF 36:07
10 C. Jackson B 40:05

Boys Meet

Place RunnerTeamTime
1 Steve Mance BF 18:56
2 Terry Monette BF 19:00
3 Klyde Kindaid BB 19:08
4 Parker Turczyn BF 20:36
5 Lawrence Williams B 20:41
6 Benjamin Bloomfield MC 21:09
7 Nick Spiegal MC 21:19
8 Albert Bloomfield MC 21:26
9 Chuck Bloomfield MC 21:59
10 Brent Colquitt B 22:05