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"The Buzz"

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This section is devoted to silly rumors, about people in track that are either fairly well known in the area/league or are on the team. Don't take this stuff seriously, it's almost entirely untrue, and is just a bunch of inside jokes. But if you do read on, you must automatically read (and agree with) my disclaimer. Hahaha!

Everything on this page is heresay and cannot be regarded as truth. I am merely posting rumors and "buzz"which have been brought to my attention. If you find anything no this page offensive it is your responsibility to let me know so that I can remove any such information. Furthermore, I cannot be held responisble for any person(s) copying of material from this page and committing libel with it. It is the reader's responsibility to abide by the law and ensure that the information on this page remains humorous and does not cross into the boundaries of truth.

And on to the junky rumors...

One time after a race that Jeff Fujioka beat his brother Nathan, their mom told Jeff "Good job Nathan!"

Mike Naimy once dated a girl to get with her 12 year old sister

Chris Toloff is now going out with that 12 year old sister

Dave Joo has erected a massive shrine to Katie Boyles and makes daily goat sacrifices to her

Dan Murray makes fun of his fellow Korean, though he secretly stalks Katie Boyles as well

Eddie Hermann watches way too much channel 3

Matt French and Ryan Lowry...what's that going on in the barn?

Chris Harper puts on the Ventureman suit when he wants to get "freakay"

Matt Kant kicked Steve Mance's arse in Judo...twice.

Big pimpin' Dan Evans is mackin' Linsey Blaisdell...oh yeah.

You can bounce a quarter off the posterior of state 800 champ Ashley Patten (thanks Damon)

Pat Butterfield can run faster than any other white, freckled kid in the state

Walle and Moore started making fart noises from the bed of a pickup when Lowry and Krawiec were running in Novi

At late night parties, Ryan Lowry and the rest of the Smurf Squad turn blue and shrink. JK is always shrunk.

Johnny Hall was the model C-Town ghetto thug

Steve Mance had a mullet over the winter

Matt French has a sweet bowl cut

Chris Harper "meditates" alot

George Doman actually had a mullet (it's the "in thing" at Kimball)

Mike Naimy (now a big Def Leppard fan) used to be all about Britney Spears and N*Sync

Ben Duane was a big star when he was in Menudo

Laura Bunting used to make fun of Steve Mance's oversized head in third grade

Ben Salvette is actually 12 years old

Manvir Gill is actually 30 years old

Steve Smith lives under a bridge

Josh Brand is a homo