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2000 Track Pictures

Shante Boozer, Candace Carnegie, and Jen Dixon in the 100m against DePorres
Kyle Sloan, Andrew Kassab, and Chris Harper in the 100m at Clawson
Jason Young, John Reddit, and Kyle Sloan in the 100m against DePorres
Bridget Maynard, Lisa Jenuwine, and Katie Baker in the 3200m against DePorres (Katie Topalian is in back)
Katie Topalian and Lisa Jenuwine in the 3200m
The boys and girls 1600m relays against DePorres
Runners before the start of the 3200m run at Clawson
Jeff Maki hands off to Terry Monette at for the anchor of the 12,800m relay at the Royal Oak Relays
Chris Harper anhoring the SMR at the RO Relays
Steve Mance hands off to Ben Duane in the 6400m relay at the RO Relays
Steve Zimmerman wins the 400m against DePorres