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'99 Cross Country Pictures

The start against Bishop Borgess
The girls' start at Dondero
The girls' start the Oakland County Meet
The boys' start the Oakland County Meet
Angela Krolikowski & Katie Topalian at Dondero
Beth Deradoorian running against Borgess
Emily Murphy running against Aquinas & Shrine
Jeff Maki running against Aquinas and Shrine
Katie Topalian running against Aquinas & Shrine
Katie Topalian & Angela Krolikowski after the meet against Aquinas and Shrine
Laura Sorbo-first for Foley at the Oakland County Meet
Laura, Angela, and Katie running against Bishop Borgess
Megan Aman running against Aquinas & Shrine
Parker Turczyn running at Dondero
Parker leads Terry & Steve in against Aquinas & Shrine
Rachel Sorgeloss finishes against Borgess
Steve Mance leading at Cabrini
Steve Mance-first for Foley at the Oakland County Meet
Sarah Smith in the meet against Borgess
Terry Monette & Steve Mance lead against Aquinas & Shrine
Terry outsprints Steve against Borgess