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vs. Gabriel Richard

Guys:Gabriel Richard 77, Bishop Foley 51 Girls:Gabriel Richard 98, Bishop Foley 30

The Foley Track Team had thier home, and league opener on Monday 4-19 vs. Riverveiw Gabriel Richard beacause the meet vs. Notre Dame(boys) and Regina(Girls) was rained out. The boys team came the closest of all Foley boys track teams this decade to beating Richard. The reason was Gabriel Richard's loss at distance, 30-2. Richard however won the hurdles 17-1, the throwing events 18-0, and winning all three sprint relays. Key performers were Sr. Co-Captain Matt Duane(800m and 4x800m winner,3rd in 1600m,7.25 points), Fr. Steve Mance(3200m,1600m,and 4x800m winner,2nd in 800m, 14.25 points), Jr. Terry Monette(2nd in 3200m and 1600m, 4x800m winner, 7.25 points), and Sr. Co-Captain Bob Kusiak (long jump winner, 3rd in 100m,6points). Bob did this recovering from an ankle injury he sustained during Saturday's runathon. Other scorers were Sr. Tom DeVore(100m winner,5 points),Fr. Steve Znoy(400m winner,5 points), Jr. Steve Zimmerman(2nd in high jump,3points), Fr. Ben Duane(4x800m winner,1.25 points), So. Matt Elberson(3rd in 300m IH, 1 point), and Fr. Justin Bell (3rd in 400m, 1 point).

The girls also did well, led by Jr. Co-Captain Angela Krolikowski(10 points) who won the 200m and high jump as well as leading the 4x200m relay team to within 1 second of a win. Jr. Monica Maynard(5.25 points) scored Foley's first throwing points of the season with a second in discus. She also ran third in the 300m hurdles and won the 4x100m relay. Fr. Teresa Novak(6.25 points) won the 100m dash as well as starting the 4x100m relay team also consisted of Monica Maynard, Fr. Diana Russell(1.25 points), and Jenny Finn (2.25 points) who also ran third in the 100m dash. Foley also got 3rd places from Fr. Maria Moric(long jump), So. Alisa Jenkins(400m), Jr. Cortney Oleske(800m), So. Rebecca Cooper-McCann(200m), and Jr. Co-Captain Katie Topailian(3200m).

Girls Meet

High JumpAngela KrolikowskiBF4'5"
Long JumpHowerstottGR14-1.5
Shot PutHempelGR23-5
3200 RelayDutkiewicz,Sembati,Graziano,PreifkeGR12:57
100 HurdlesWilkinsonGR18.06
100 DashTeresa NovakBF14.1
800 RelayRoller,Wilkinson,Attee,WhalenGR2:04
1600 RunSombatGR6:56
400 Relay Novak,Russel,Maynard,Finn BF 1:01.25
400 RunHolverstoleGR 1:09.16
300 Hurdles WilkinsonGR 54.44
800 RunDunne GR3:08.53
200 RunAngela Krolikowski BF29.53
3200 RunHermann GR15:35
1600 RelayWilkinsom,Mullins,Attee,HolverstottGR4:52.9

Boys Meet

High JumpSchaferGR5-4
Long JumpBob KusiakBF16-4.25
Shot PutAkowitzGR35-4
3200 RelayS.Mance,B.Duane,T.Monette,M.DuaneBF9:29
110 HurdlesWhalenGR17.68
100 DashTom DevoreBF11.78
800 RelaySchafer,Lypu,Vidaurri,KwiatkowskiGR1:42.1
1600 RunSteve ManceBF5:16
400 Relay Schafer,Lupu,Vidaurri,Kwiatkowski GR 49.09
400 RunSteve ZnoyBF 1:01.56
300 Hurdles WhalenGR 46.38
800 RunMatt Duane BF2:24
200 RunSchaffer GR24.47
3200 Run Steve Mance BF 11:35
1600 RelayOtten,Littlepage,Lupu,ViadurriGR4:06


Event TypeGuysGirls

*1st place is worth 5 points, 2nd 3, third 1. Relay victories give the team 5 points however I split the points given for the relay evenly amongst the members therefore each relay member was given 1.25 points for the individual tally.