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Letter Requirements

Must meet qualification 1 and one of 2,3, or 4

1) Finish the season
2) Finish in the top 5 for Foley in 6+ meets
3) Qualify for All League (CHSL A-B)
4) Qualify for the State Meet (MHSAA B)

Team Policies

1) Practice begins at 3:15 Monday thru Friday
2) If you are not going to be at practice let coach know as soon as possible. School absences, leaving school early sick, competition for other sports, and field trips are excused. Failure to notify will result in missing one competition.
3) Follow all school, CHSL, MHSAA and NHSF rules and policies. Follow directions of all meet directors and officials without question. If you disagree, see coach, and he will approach the officials.